Prisoner of Thought

by Laura Kelsey

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released March 23, 2014



all rights reserved


Laura Kelsey Vancouver, British Columbia

Laura writes and sings.

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Track Name: Prisoner of Thought
We just don't learn
Villages will always burn
The trees reach to leave our world

There is a time
When we feed ourselves to the lions
Of guilty technological lust

Prisoner of thought
Let me in
Prisoner of thought
Let's begin

Bitter woman
Spit it out
Can forgiveness go too far

Prisoner of thought
Let me be
Prisoner of thought
Says we can't be free
Prisoner of thought
Let me in
Prisoner of thought
Let's begin
Track Name: Where the Lines are Drawn
There's no way to escape it
You have to be a slave to something

Every day I am amazed
Anything is still wild
at all
Every day i am amazed
To see where the lines
are drawn

Have no shame when it comes to love
Just know it's not all dreams are made of

Many times i was called away
From the places i should have stayed
Dwelling under a pale sky
Why is it so much to ask my life be mine?
Track Name: Used to Hate the Rain
Cold, getting cold slowly
But I don't care
Eyes, looking up blindly
They just stare
Thrown, in the middle
Of what could be anywhere
Cried, when you took me
To the river by my hair

I used to hate the rain
Complain about the pain
He took my life too soon
In the light of the starving moon

What I'd give
To scream out to the cedar trees
Followed him
Nothing is ever as it seems
Gather clouds
River is lapping at my feet
Dance in storms
And remember that everyone ignored my screams